Dodd Education and Support, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 corporation consisting of interested citizens who provide
services and programs to enhance the growth and development of the Dallas County community.

Partner/collaborate with Dallas area community based organizations (COBs) in designated programs and projects
Secure funding to implement and support designated service programs and projects
Maintain the physical facility to implement and manage service programs/projects by DES, Inc. and other COBs
Develop programmatic tools for educational training
Encourage, support and provide opportunity for volunteerism of members
Acquisition and management of Frederica Chase Dodd Life Development Center to implement and host community service programs
Dallas Educational Partner with the Renaissance Development Corporation, The Friends of Pleasant Grove Library, and St. Phillip's School to implement advocacy programs by hosting Town Hall meetings in support of the Delta Teacher Efficacy Campaign
Partner with Cedar Valley College with the Project Male Program with funds secured through AT&T - Project MALE was established in response to a need to engage students in activities that foster a positive environment and support the belief that they can be successful in completing each grade leading to completion of high school and college. The core of Project MALE addresses the issue of providing key mentoring for younger male students in the public school system improving student outcomes.
Provide educational scholarships to graduating seniors
Procurement of Grants and other funding sources to support the DES, Inc. mission
Provide services and programs that engage, educate and elevate the
underserved in the Dallas area community.
To have an informed and empowered community with the
opportunity to improve their quality of life.